Welcome to the Back & Neck Pain Clinic at Physio4Life. We are a clinic of physiotherapists, massage therapists, clinical pilates instructors and ergonic specialists dedicated to the treatment of back & neck pain.. Founded by Mark Saunders in 2003. Open from 7am-10pm Monday to Sunday we are help to help with all your aches and pains.

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The business was founded in 2003, out of the concept of providing the very best in physiotherapy & massage therapy and other associated therapies that complement each other including pilates, sport medicine and clinical pilates.

Initially the business started with the owner Mark Saunders and one receptionist but due to its success we had to move to a bigger location in Putney and on October 2006 P4L started to operate out of its new premises on Upper Richmond Road. The business has continued to grow and now employs over 23 people helping to maintain this fantastic concept. The business continues to grow on a weekly basis, with the current number of clients visiting The Back & Neck Pain Clinic in Putney in excess of 450 people per week. The success and unique proposition of the business is down to a combination of our excellent facilities, flexible opening hours, convenient location, highly trained staff, availability of appointments, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Success can be measured in a number of ways but perhaps the greatest testimony to our success is the number of returning clients. Not only this, but 70% of all our new clients come via personal recommendations, demonstrating the high level of customer satisfaction.

Moving Forward

The Back & Neck Pain Clinic is now located on the second floor of the Putney Medical Centre in London working The floor space of The Back & Neck Pain Clinic is over 4000sq2 and has been designed specifically to a high spec in order that all of our services are presented in a well thought out environment. Comprising of large spacious private treatment rooms, gym/ rehab area, pilates studio as well as a large comfortable reception area and changing facilities. The clinic uses some of the latest equipment for massae therapy, physio and personal training as well as having a fully equipped pilates studio including reformers, cadilac, pilates chair and much more.

When you wish to book an appointment with one of our highly trained physio & massage therapists or have an enquiry you will be assigned one of our managers who will discuss your needs and make sure you are seen by the most appropriate expert, and ensure your time at the clinic is a good experience. You will be met by one of our reception team and your dedicated manager may also speak to you to make sure you are happy. The Back & Neck Pain Clinic has numerous experts with numerous specialties or interest in order that your problem is rectified as quickly as possible.


“I am now finally on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Clare Fiore

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