Mark Saunders

Mark Saunders- director of the London Back & Neck Pain Clinic

The clinical director and founder of The Back & Neck Pain Clinic and Physio4Life in London!

Mark was the initial founder of Physio4Life & The Back & Neck Pain Clinic coming from a varied background of strength and conditioning from the Army in the 1990’s where he worked closely with elite special forces the SAS. In 1994 returned back to university where he retrained as a physiotherapist and went initially to work in the NHS and then Professional Rugby, before returning to the Army to join RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) to be a physiotherapist working in the Army Sports Injuries and Rehab Clinics. Following 4 years in the Army medical services Mark left and did another short spell in the NHS where he realized the level of service was not what he had hoped and decided to open his very own sports injuries and health clinic with is own unique brand and unique selling points.



Mark has a wealth of experience having worked in professional sport, army and the NHS. Mark has a specialist interest in running injuries and running biomechanics along with lower limb rehab. To this end Mark has unique ability to combine his experience of the Army Medical Rehab, his strength and conditioning knowledge from special forces and also hi in depth knowledge of sports injuries and rehab.

Mark success he believes is derived from his passion of sport and that he continues to spend large amounts of time updating his knowledge and uses where ever possible an evidence based approach. Physio is not an exact science and where it is limited Mark uses his wealth of sports experience to bridge the gap. Mark specialize in running biomechanics and running injuries using purpose made orthotics and his knowledge of running rehab Mark has the perfect set of skills to help all runner through there injuries. P4L use the latest in digital technology and gait scans to help diagnose some of the causes of running injuries, and developing orthotic devices to prevent injury.

Mark has carried out numerous postgraduate physiotherapy qualifications including additional courses on Acupuncture, Pilates, Manipulation, Strapping, Biomechanics and continues to update his knowledge on a regular basis.

Due to the success of the clinic Mark continues to practice physiotherapy concentrating mainly on lower limb injuries working closely with fellow specialist physio and Sports Medicine Doctors and consultants.
Mark is currently supporting a number of athletes and including Chrissie Wellington World Ironman Champion, Oli Wilson Golf Pro and numerous other athletes. In the past Mark has successfully looked after professional Rugby Players from Saracens, London Welsh, Professional Football Players from Chelsea and Fulham. Also some famous groups including Take That and Snow Patrol as well as a number of other famous celebrities.

Mark maintains close connections with the Army and still see’s a number who have suffered injuries whilst serving. Mark actively supports Help The Heroes Fund and has taken part in a number of Rugby Matches to raise funds for those badly injured whilst serving the Army over seas. Having retired from Rugby some 6 years ago Mark found the new rule changes and contact quite a shock and has had to take stock that he is not as young as he use to be. To this end Mark started running on a regular basis and hopes to achieve a long term goal of being able to run a marathon again as well as play regular rugby.



“For nearly two years, I’ve suffered with problems with my back, neck and shoulders. Every couple of months my shoulders would jam so badly that I would have to take time off from work as I wasn’t able to sit up properly and struggled to even put clothes on. I would have acupuncture and massage treatment to relief the pain which would help temporarily but the pain would always return after a few days. In January 2010 I went to see Mark Saunders at Physio4Life who quickly realised that my problem wasn’t in my back or on my shoulders but in fact in my ribs. He started to treat my  thoracic rings instead and it was amazing to see how quickly it helped. Already on my first visit, by Mark holding my ribs, I managed to turn my head pain free for the first time in months. I continued with 8 more sessions and by mid February, the stiffness and pain had fully disappeared. What’s even better is that a month on, the pain has stayed away. It’s amazing how much better I feel, in the two years I had gotten so accustomed to the pain that I just accepted as part of my life and had forgotten what “normal” feels like. It was a pleasure being treated at Physio4Life as the staff are always friendly, professional and clearly passionate about their work. I can warmly recommend them.”

Nina Nyman


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