Chrissie Wellington - World Ironman Chamption 2009

"Massage4Life was recommended to me when I returned to the UK after winning the World Iron Man Championship in October 2007. The centre provides the ideal 'one-stop-shop' for everything an athlete could need – physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, personal training, nutritional advice, gait analysis, pilates and much more besides. The practitioners are consummate professionals and most importantly, communicate regularly with each other to develop a holistic approach to injury prevention and treatment. This really helped when I had a shoulder problem and was able to get physio, acupuncture and massage under one roof and quickly managed to nip the nasty niggle in the bud! Massage is something that I take really seriously, and I am obsessed with getting a high quality rub down once a week. The deep sports massage I got at Physio4Life definately helped me recover from the stresses and strains that professional triathlon places on my body, and ensured I remained fit, reinvigorated and injury free. I was particularly impressed with the masseur’s deep knowledge of biomechanics, and an understanding of what I specifically needed. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Physio4Life to anyone, regardless of whether they do sport or not!"


Nina Nyman

“For nearly two years, I’ve suffered with problems with my back, neck and shoulders. Every couple of months my shoulders would jam so badly that I would have to take time off from work as I wasn’t able to sit up properly and struggled to even put clothes on. I would have acupuncture and massage treatment to relief the pain which would help temporarily but the pain would always return after a few days. In January 2010 I went to see Mark Saunders at Physio4Life who quickly realised that my problem wasn’t in my back or on my shoulders but in fact in my ribs. He started to treat my  thoracic rings instead and it was amazing to see how quickly it helped. Already on my first visit, by Mark holding my ribs, I managed to turn my head pain free for the first time in months. I continued with 8 more sessions and by mid February, the stiffness and pain had fully disappeared. What’s even better is that a month on, the pain has stayed away. It’s amazing how much better I feel, in the two years I had gotten so accustomed to the pain that I just accepted as part of my life and had forgotten what “normal” feels like. It was a pleasure being treated at Physio4Life as the staff are always friendly, professional and clearly passionate about their work. I can warmly recommend them.”


Veronica Vleck - Triathalon Coach

"Gill has worked with several of the triathletes that I have coached. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"


Clare Fiore

"I started using the sports massage services at Physio4Life about four months ago due to a trapped spinal nerve. I had tried Osteopathy treatment unsuccessfully and was receiving physiotherapy treatment for the same problem somewhere else but did not feel that I was getting results very quickly so I decided to try Physio4Life's physiotherapy services. After receiving treatment from Mark for just five weeks, I have seen a substantial improvement in my condition and feel that I am now finally on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend them to anyone."


Simon Rey

"Mark, I just wanted to say 'thanks' for all the training tips, physio and massages from you (and Evelyn).I got round without stopping and with zero shin pains, so well done you!I will mention Physio4Life to friends who may wish to do run marathons in the future.....that was my first and last. Thanks again!"


Clare Pay - Marathon Runner

"It was fantastic! 4 hrs 22 mins! I am delighted! (But it does mean I have to aim for 4 hrs if there is a next time!) In a lot of pain today though. Day was totally brilliant. Knees held up really well, only a little pain but nothing to stop me. The main problem was the lactic acid in IT band and every muscle in my thigh. That came on at about 18 and by 22 was killing! But I ran the whole way, 9 minute miling for most, then 10 mins, last 1.2 miles was 14 mins!!!! Thank you so much for all the treatment and positive advice - worked brilliantly, and there is no way I would have made the start without it! I will be sure to recommend you to friends in need of physio treatment. Am contemplating a massage, but think it would be too painful at the moment - am really struggling going downstairs! Thanks!"

Mark Watkin, Captain London Rowing Club

“Rowing relies heavily on core stability in the torso region and relaxation of all the major and minor muscle groups. The Pilates sessions that London Rowing Club has had with Jessica over the last two months have provided some great techniques that assist in improving core stability, relaxation and posture. All athletes that have attended the classes have been able to make improvements in different areas and put the methods into practice during training.”


Oliver Wilson - Professional Golfer - Ryder Cup Player

"I would like to thank all at Physio 4 Life for all their support this year . It is wonderful place to go and work on my strength training and conditioning. To work with professionals in all aspects of my conditioning is important to the success I have on the golf course."


Jenny Cunis

"Physio4life has given me excellent treatment and support, providing a combination of physiotherapy, pain management and clinical Pilates for a lower back problem. Since being treated at Physio4life, I have achieved significant improvement both in my day-to-day life and well-being. Their highly professional staff have been most helpful at all times."


Charlotte Carlsen

“Following an accident 14 months ago I was suddenly unable to continue with most aspects of daily life, including any form of exercise. After starting physiotherapy in September and finding myself improving slowly we decided to integrate Pilates into my rehabilitation program in order to speed up my recovery. I was quite sceptical at first as when I think of exercise it tends to involve running and sweating, as it was what I perceived to be more challenging. However, Pilates is very challenging, albeit in a different way, to my previously preferred types of exercise. Because your mind is required to engage with your body to perform the movements correctly, you experience a new awareness of muscle function and control. The increase in control of my core stability has been markedly improved. What attracted me to the Physio4Life sessions is the fact that the sessions are done with a certified teacher in closely supervised small groups, who understands my back injury and therefore sessions are tailored to your specific needs.”


Siobhan Brownlow

"I’ve always been prone to injury with long distance running, so when I undertook to enter Ironman Austria 2006 back in October of last year, I knew I’d have my work cut for me in terms of injury management if I was going to be in any shape to run a marathon on race day. The Ironman race consists of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run. At least with three sports to train for, my level of cross-training would be high, but sure enough I started encountering problems with achilles tendonitis as soon as the run mileage increased. By seeing Mark Saunders last November/December, I was able to get my achilles problem sorted out and got some orthotics for my running shoes which we hoped would stave off any further injuries. Luckily for me, with my endurance hours being built up on the bike rather than the run, I was able to sustain the mileage required in training and arrived in Austria fully fit on race day. I’m happy to say I had an incredible experience doing my first ever Ironman, and finished in 11hrs55mins with a sub 4hr30min marathon to my name – so absolutely delighted with the result. I should say my taste for long distance events has only strengthened through the experience, so come my next big challenge, I’m sure I’ll be back down at Physio4Life working on my injury prevention once again! My flexibility (or lack of it) will be the next phase in my training, though – so pilates exercises in the gym will form a welcome relief from the grind of heavy mileage."


Scott Stanley, Personal Trainer

“Before starting Pilates I regularly suffered from a stiff sore back despite staying fit through more traditional training techniques. Since joining the Pilates classes at Physio4Life I feel stronger and more supple through my midsection, my posture feels great and I have no back pain."


Helen Tapp, Orthopaedic Nursing Sister

“Since my back injury in 2003 which required surgery I have found Pilates classes an enjoyable step in my rehabilitation back to normal life. I have found that my posture and lower back strength has improved, due to the fact that with Pilates I am able to transfer the classes exercises into how I stand and move during the day. This in turn helps with my lower back pain after a hard day at work. I have always found the classes friendly, small and fun."


Megan Gibbs

"I have always been passionate about sport and an active lifestyle and through out my teenage years I competed at club and county level as a hockey player and cross-country runner and also as a show-jumper with my horse.  But six years ago, at the age of 19 I developed shoulder pain that became so painful that I could not even write.  The pain spread up through my neck and made even daily walking, sitting and sleeping very difficult.  I could no longer ride and in the end we had to sell my horse. Despite going to see numerous specialists the pain did not go away and over the next 6 months it spread down into my lower back and hips.  From being a very sporty active teenager I found myself in constant pain on a daily basis.  When pain becomes chronic as it did with me it seems to take over your life. It is very hard to think about anything else and I felt so trapped by my body because I did not know when or if I would ever be ‘normal’ again.  I seemed to be trying every alternative therapy going – osteopathy, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, pain management, rolfing and massage techniques etc.  Each time I started a new treatment I would hope for a miracle cure but then it would not work and you sink further into despair and fear. 

Although I did improve over the next few years with exercise such as Pilates, I was never completely pain free and my symptoms were always variable, which made it impossible to return to any sort of proper sport.
 I began seeing Mark at Physio4Life 5 months ago and since that time I feel I have learnt a lot about chronic pain and how to manage my symptoms.  Instead of treating each individual pain in my body, Mark’s approach has been to treat the initial cause.  I am still on a journey towards recovery, but I now feel I am with a team that understands the condition and supports me both emotionally and physically.


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